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Routine Teeth cleaning and Dental Deep cleaning

Whether you’re 60 or 6, taking proper care of your oral health can play a pivotal role in promoting general wellbeing. Dental checkups and dental scaling are important to keep your mouth clean and pristine.If you’re one of many who feel that dental cleaning, scaling, and polishing are only beneficial to those who fret about their appearance, you could not be farther from the truth. In fact, routine dental cleanings at Prime Dentistry in Philadelphia can prevent gum disease from most people.


  • Regular cleaning treatment: Prophylaxis cleaning is a remarkable preventative dental cleaning procedure that involves removing plaque, calculus, and stains with the help of scaling and polishing techniques. We suggest a regular cleaning appointment every six months for the best results.

General benefits of regular cleaning are:

  1. Tartar Removal: Tartar and plaque buildup can lead to periodontal problems that brushing and home care flossing techniques can’t solve. The experienced eye of a dentist with prophylaxis equipment removes debris, bacteria, and deposits from gum pockets.
  2. Aesthetics: Prophylaxis helps clean yellow and stained teeth to achieve a brighter confident smile.
  3. Fresher breath: Bad breath is generally due to food particles stuck between teeth, below the gum line, possible pus discharge from gum in the case of periodontal disease. Prophylaxis deep cleans the gums and teeth, giving you a fresher breath.
  • Dental deep cleaning: This involves scaling and root planing that is recommended for patients with severe periodontal or gum diseases.It includes enhanced cleaning than a standard dental cleaning.Scaling uses an ultrasonic device to remove plaque and tartar from your gum pockets. On the other hand, root planning involves smoothening the roots to reduce gum tissue inflammation.A correctly planed root surface helps get rid of bacteria, tartar, and plaque enabling gums to heal.

At Prime Dentistry, our dental expert or hygienist performs routine and deep cleaning procedure. them. 


Our dental experts in Philadelphia affirm that dental plaque and tartar consist of harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay, gum inflammation, and other serious oral diseases. One of the first signs of gum infection is the reddening and swelling of the gums along with bleeding either during brushing or even unprovoked. This initial stage is known as gingivitis and can be reversed if proper care and attention are given to the gums and teeth.

However, if gingivitis enters the next stage of disease, it is almost impossible to reverse the damage. Periodontitis or periodontal disease is a chronic condition that manifests as the deepening of gum pockets and subsequent bone and tissue loss. This may eventually lead to tooth loss if not treated in time! Prime Dentistry in Philadelphia recommends you get your scaling and polishing done frequently!

At Prime Dentistry, we make use of top-notch dental equipment to scale and polish your teeth to produce the most effective results! It is best not to delay your dental checkups any longer! Book an appointment with us and rid your mouth of gunk and germs!