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Full and Partial Dentures

If you’re considering getting dentures or already have them, you likely have some questions about them. At Prime Dentistry, the premier denture clinic in North-East Philadelphia, our dental team ensures that your dentures are fabricated with precision to give your smile and confidence an uplift! Learn about how dentures can improve oral health and which ones are right for you.

Denture - Prosthesis


Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace missing teeth and tissues. There are two types: full and partial dentures. Full dentures replace all natural teeth, while partial dentures are for when you’re missing a few teeth, and the surrounding teeth aren’t strong enough to support dental bridges.

Flexible partial dentures are a newer option made of a special plastic material that’s well-suited to replacing a few teeth, rather than a whole set. Cast-metal partial dentures are another option, with a metal framework and artificial teeth embedded in acrylic resin.

At Prime Dentistry, we take a thorough oral examination and X-rays to determine the right denture treatment for you. The fabrication process involves taking impressions of your jaw, preparing a wax model to check the fitting, and making the final denture. Our team will make follow-up appointments to ensure the dentures fit comfortably and make any necessary adjustments.


Partial denture



Overall, dentures can improve your oral health and make it easier to eat, talk, and chew. Come to Prime Dentistry for a stunning smile makeover with full and partial dentures.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your oral health and boost your confidence with a beautiful smile, consider getting dentures at Prime Dentistry in North-East Philadelphia. Our expert dental team will custom design dentures that fit your mouth and match your existing teeth, and we’ll make sure they’re comfortable and functional. Don’t let missing teeth hold you back any longer – schedule an appointment with us today to start your journey towards a stunning smile makeover! You can call 2157421200 or schedule online.