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I am afraid of dentist

Dental phobia is widespread. You’re not alone. Studies have shown that as many as 3 in 4 people admit to some degree of fear or nervousness about a dental visit. If this is why you’re always putting off going to the dentist until there is no option left, you’re most likely setting yourself up for a lot of pain and health problems in the future.

At prime dentistry, the relaxing environment, modern aesthetics, and sedation options have made things much more comfortable, efficient, safe, and reliable. We provide,


Nitrous oxide (Laughing Gas)

This technique is perfect for those requiring fast recovery following a procedure. It’s inhaled through a special mouthpiece to help you relax. The use of nitrous oxide gives rise to a feeling of lightheadedness and makes you calm and relaxed. The effects wear off quickly once the procedure is finished, the best part being the patient is always conscious making the patient feel in control and more comfortable. The patient will leave the clinic post-treatment as alert and bright-eyed as upon arrival, with this method.

Oral Sedation

Another very effective and common sedation option is oral medication. In this method, the patient is given the sedation agent orally, which is a commonly used anxiety-reducing prescription medication. A single pill before the visit will help you relax and take you in a twilight sedated state. But be aware, some oral medications may take a little time to wear off, so you may need someone to get you home post your visit.


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