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Advanced Technology: 3D Scan

Why Do I Need a 3D Dental Scan?

If you have been recommended for a 3D dental x-ray, you may be wondering what it is and how it can benefit your dental treatment. Continue reading for more information about 3D dental scans.

What is a 3D Dental Scan?
A 3D dental scan is a three-dimensional image that is taken of the teeth and jaw. Within a 3D dental image, your dentist will be able to examine the bone structure, teeth, and nerves in full detail.

Referred to clinically as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), 3D dental images are taken using a radiographic Cone Beam Computed Tomography scanner: an intelligent machine that has the ability to capture an interactive and completely three-dimensional image of the teeth and bone structure within the mouth.

In comparison with a two-dimensional image that may potentially leave room for misinterpretation or may not provide the information that your dentist needs, 3D dental scans are exponentially helpful throughout the treatment planning process.

To take the image, the patient is asked to step inside the machine and place their chin on the rest to stabilize the head. The dental professional will ensure that they are properly positioned before taking the image. The machine will then rotate around the head for a few seconds as it captures a series of detailed images, which it then combines to produce the completely three-dimensional outcome.

While having a 3D dental scan taken, you are exposed to a minimal amount of radiation. In fact, you receive a considerably lower amount of radiation from a CBCT scan than you do from a set of traditional dental x-rays.

Why Do I Need a CBCT Scan?
3D dental scans are used in a wide range of treatment methods. As dentistry advances and becomes more intricate and personalized, new and intelligent uses for CBCT scans are being applied.

3D dental scans are typically used in the following scenarios:

  • Dental implant treatment planning
  • Endodontic (root canal) evaluation and treatment planning
  • Wisdom tooth examination and treatment planning for removal
  • Examination of impacted teeth
  • Thorough examination of bone structure
  • Sleep apnea and obstructed airway treatment
  • Oral Surgery and Pathology

3D dental x-rays allow your dentist to fully evaluate the teeth and bone structure in complete detail, allowing them to develop the most personalized and detailed treatment plan possible.

RAYSCAN: Best 3D Dental Imaging System
The RAYSCAN Alpha dental imaging system is one of the most advanced and intelligent imaging systems in today’s dental field and provides top-tier 3D dental imaging services.

Here at Prime Dentistry, we are proud to complete all of our 3D dental scans with the RAYSCAN alpha system in order to provide our patients with exceptional results.

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Prime Dentistry is proud to offer comprehensive dental services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From pediatric dentistry to dental implants to teeth whitening and more, trust in the Prime Dentistry team.

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