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Happy patients are the foundation of our clinic and are members of our extended family. We assure you that we treat all our patients with respect and compassion. We are committed to providing best-in-class dental care at the most affordable price in the most homely judgment-free environment.

Your First Visit with Prime Dentistry

Your first appointment, for the most part, will consist of an assessment, a discussion about your oral health, and a review of your treatment plan with alternatives. Generally, a teeth-cleaning and/or palliative treatment can start the same day.

We are attentive to individuals with dental anxiety! We will explain every single step in advance. Also, we will ensure your visit is quick and short. We also offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation pills to help you relax for any dental nervousness.

Help us streamline your first consultation by providing the following information before your visit:

  1. Submit any x-rays/treatment notes from the previous dental office. If applicable. Complete the record transfer request in advance, so we can request information directly from your former dentist on your behalf.
  2. Bring the most recent list of medications if currently prescribed.
  3. Kindly bring any dental insurance records and forms if present.


No dental insurance? No Problem! Don’t worry, we got you covered!

According to the CDC website, almost 30-40% of adult Americans don’t see a dentist in a given year. ( Hence, we would recommend NOT to skip basic preventive dental care or live in poor oral health, because of not having dental insurance coverage. As you may have not realized, avoiding dental care today will only advance the progress of disease and will result in more suffering and costly treatment in the future.
At Prime Dentistry, we have designed an exclusive dental savings plan to help you access the dental treatment you deserve, without having to worry about not having dental insurance. This is to provide you with the best prime-class dental care that’s affordable and grants you with peace of mind of access to comprehensive care.

Besides, the dental saving plan solves the shortcoming of dental insurance, such as the annual maximum benefit (typical $1000-$1500), wait time of 6-12 months for extensive treatment, and non-covered cosmetic treatment.

As a Prime Dentistry Savings plan member, you will get a 20% discount on all our dental services with a nominal monthly/annual fee. We strongly believe it is truly an alternative to dental insurance or an even better option as there are no yearly maximums, no deductibles, no pre-authorization requirements, no pre-existing condition limitation, immediate eligibility (no waiting periods), and an automatic renewal with a credit card on file.


Affordable Monthly Payment Plans:

Because we genuinely care about getting you the best affordable dental care regardless of your financial situation. We even work with different financing institutions to provide affordable monthly payment plans. Bad credit? We have an option for that as well. We work with institutions that do not require a credit check, so patients with bad credit can also qualify for a payment plan. Don’t presume you can’t afford to take primary care of your teeth and overall oral health!

Accepted Insurance

Prime Dentistry accepts most PPO insurances. Our in-office staff are well-trained with the procedures and will gladly help you walk through the entire process to figure out how to maximize your insurance savings.

We accept and will do our best to help you receive your full insurance benefits. We take on and can work with the following insurances companies:

  • Guardian
  • United Concordia
  • Delta Dental
  • Met Life
  • DentaMax
  • Aetna Dental
  • Cigna
  • Assurant/SunLife
  • Dentegra
  •  Fidelio
  • Dominion

Cannot find your Insurance listed?

Don’t worry! We may still be competent to accept your insurance. We request you to kindly contact your insurance company and verify that you are free to choose your dentist as an out-of-network provider.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Verification and Estimate

When you schedule an appointment for the first time, we will collect all your information, including the relevant insurance details. Our team will contact your insurers to get a breakdown of the benefits and coverage. Using this information, we shall provide you with the most accurate estimate of provisions and the overall expected out-of-pocket costs.

Complete Your Treatment

When you visit our clinic for your appointment, a treatment plan is issued, which will outline an estimated copay. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any additional questions that you may have. We will collect your estimated copay before completing the treatment. If needed, we can provide an affordable payment plan for payment towards your copay (your responsibility for treatment cost).

Coverage and Payments

In most cases, your insurance company shall reimburse the office for the provided treatments. We will do our very best to give you a good faith estimate. If there are still any lingering questions that you want to understand, regarding the financial options for your visit, our staff would be more than happy to answer them for you.

Prime Dentistry Insurance FAQs – Answers you can trust!!

How much will my treatment cost with insurance?1. No Access to Affordable Dentistry? No Dental Insurance?

At Prime Dentistry, we firmly believe that Dentistry is Not Expensive, Neglect is. Neglect can cost you double the original cost. Hence, we suggest you never ignore any dental issue and implement the prevention is better than cure method stringently. You can save a fortune on expensive dental treatments if you control or keep your diseases in control with regular six months recommended dental visits to a dentist.

We firmly believe that everyone should have access to dental care regardless of their insurance/financial status. Therefore, we have opted to provide various means for uninsured patients to access best-in-class dental treatment.

For the first visit, we do offer specials for your first cleaning and emergency visit.

If you want to get your first cleaning, you can use the First cleaning special- $59 coupon, in which you can get an exam, necessary exam, and first basic cleaning (prophylaxis or gross debridement). If deep cleaning is needed, we do offer a 15% discount towards the final cost.

If you are in pain, you can opt for an Emergency exam special – $29 coupon, in which you can get an assessment and the necessary x-ray to diagnose the issue that you may be facing.

For additional treatment, you can opt for Prime Dentistry Saving plans, with a periodic nominal fee, where you can get a 20% discount on all treatments.

Besides, we also provide an affordable monthly third-party payment plan disregarding if you have good credit or bad credit.

A patient can save hundreds on treatment just by choosing to see us and have access to the highest quality dentistry at an affordable price point.

A deductible is an amount determined by your insurance plan that a patient is required to pay before receiving dental services. You should check with the insurance company and/or visit our office to see what the amount is and what it is service and applied for.

A waiting period is the amount of time that you have to wait for insurance benefits to become available to you. It is usually a six months- twelve months period. During that time, your insurance will not cover any significant dental work such as crowns, root canal, implants, etc. Hence, we would recommend you inquire about it when enrolling for new dental insurance.

Dental insurance helps to offset the cost of treatment. That means that depending on the treatment assessment, you will be responsible for contributing to the cost of treatment.

Most dental insurance would cover preventive care (checkup and routine cleaning) at 100%. However, when you wait longer to seek care, the cost and complexity of treatment increases, and so most likely, you will be sharing the cost of treatment with insurance. Therefore, it is imperative to go for regular checkups where problems are discovered at the earliest stage, with or WITHOUT insurance. Regardless, we will provide you with a good-faith estimate before starting your treatment.

To provide a best-in-class patient experience, at present, we limit our plan participation to only private commercial insurance. We DO NOT accept Medicaid plans. For those patients with Medicaid plans, we offer first-visit specials, third party financials, and in-house membership.

Insurance companies are there to help you with the financial burdens of dental treatments. But it is paramount to understand that, although you have received a predetermination, the insurance company does not need to guarantee the payment. Hence, to help you lessen the risk that an insurance company will pay for your treatment or not, it is better to contact your insurance company for a pre-authorization and get one in writing if they grant one.

Depending on the particular policy, an insurance company can downgrade the benefit, allowing them to pay the least costly treatment option. Most common form of procedure downgrade is that they will only pay for metal fillings(amalgam) in place of white fillings(composite). In this case, patients will be responsible for the cost difference. If possible, when opting for new insurance, look at the fine prints to make an informed decision.

That’s great! When you are covered under two dental plans, it may reduce/eliminate your co-pays and provide you more coverage.

If you have utilized insurance benefits for the year, you can most certainly wait for insurance benefits to be renewed, however, waiting for pending treatment will cause discomfort, and progression of disease. Alternately, you can sign up for affordable payment plans, that way you can complete the required treatment and get a peace of mind.

If you don’t utilize your insurance benefits for the year, it does not roll over. On January 1, all your benefits are reset. To maximize insurance benefit, we recommend you to complete pending treatment before the insurance cycle renews.

We believe medical care should not be insurance driven. Prevention is better than cure. If you visit us regularly, we can resolve small issues at the beginning with more effective and cost effective manner.

Most insurance would cover regular check up and cleanings. That is the first step. Once you are a regular patient, we will keep you informed, how to maximize the insurance benefit, if you have a need for treatment. We will work with your insurance company to maximize the benefits that you have.

We understand you may have questions to understand insurance benefits better, so why not visit this reference website until you visit our practice.