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Emergency Dental Care

Do You Want Immediate Help With A Dental Emergency?

You’ll feel taken care of from the moment you first contact us. Our staff provides the emergency dental care necessary for your recovery, and our procedures will help make sure potential issues related to your dental emergency do not recur. If you live in or near Philadelphia, PA, call us as soon as possible to treat your dental emergency during the same day.

Prime Dentistry (formerly known as Dr. Staller and Gandel), has been proudly serving North East Philadelphia, Elkins Park, Jenkin town, and surrounding areas since 1976. We have decades of experience in providing comfortable, gentle, and affordable dental care.

What Dental Emergency Are You Dealing With?

We treat all dental emergencies. Read the descriptions below & use the information to take proactive measures while you wait for help. If you need immediate help, please CALL us right away. If you can wait until the next business day, click the button below to fill out our form.

Woman patient at dentist

You Broke Or Chipped A Tooth

This is easily one of the most painful emergencies. You’re going to want to call the dentist as soon as possible. Meanwhile, rinse out your mouth with warm water, and try to keep the tooth if possible. Also, try to put an ice-pack on it in transit to the dental office.


You Knocked A Tooth Loose

So your tooth is loose, but it didn’t get knocked out completely. That’s good news. The dentist may be able to save your tooth. Take some over the counter painkillers, put some ice on it, and get to the dentist as soon as possible

Cheerful kid sitting on chair in dentist office during visit for bad tooth treatment.

Broke Or Lost Your Crown Or Filling

Oh boy, this is not fun. Hopefully, you didn’t swallow it on accident. If you did, don’t worry you’re not going to die. Try to keep the crown or filling if you still have it and bring it with you to the dentist.

Root Canal Treatment

Sudden Painful Toothache

This is easily one of the most painful emergencies. You’re going to want to call the dentist as soon as possible. Meanwhile, rinse out your mouth with warm water, and try to keep the tooth if possible. Also, try to put an ice-pack on it in transit to the dental office.

Dentist comparing patient's teeth shade with samples for bleaching treatment

Something Is Lodged Between Your Teeth

When something gets stuck between your teeth, it can become rather painful and could lead to infection. It’s got to come out pronto. Risk of cavities or infection increases significantly after the first 72 hours. Try to get it out with some floss. If that hurts too much, you could also try something like Soft Picks for a gentler approach.

wisdom teeth

Sudden Swelling In Your Mouth

This could happen for a number of reasons, but is potentially very serious and could lead to death. You may have an abscessed tooth. Abscessed teeth are no joke. The infection can spread quickly, and since your mouth is in your head where your brain resides, you’re playing with fire if you let this one go.


You Broke Your Braces

Braces have a lot of moving parts. Sometimes those moving parts break. This is rare, but it can happen. First, if they break, call your orthodontist asap and book an appointment. If a wire breaks, you’ll want to get it somewhere where it isn’t poking you. It may take a few hours before you can see the dentist and you don’t want to be stabbing yourself while you wait.

mising teeth

You Bit Your Tongue Or Cheek

This happens all the time when you’re eating, chewing gum, or just not paying attention. Most of the time it’s not too much of an issue, but there can be circumstances that make it more traumatic. If the bit wound is deep enough, you may need dissolvable stitches to heal the site. In that case, the first step is to try and stop the bleeding. Rinse your mouth with some saltwater, then use a piece of gauze to put pressure on the wound.

Female patient visiting dentist foe teeth hygien

Injured Your Jaw

A broken jaw is no fun. Basically, there’s nothing you can do for this other than take some over the counter painkillers and put some ice on it until you can get to the ER. You will likely need a maxillofacial surgeon for this and an surgery as soon as possible.

Dentist assisting a patient to wear orthodontic silicone invisible braces

Wisdom Teeth Become Inflamed

Wisdom teeth are notoriously painful. They seem to come whenever they please, and when they do, they can easily wreak havoc. Pericoronitis is an infection that can occur when your wisdom teeth don’t come in properly. The risk of this spreading is too high to neglect.

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